Why do Appsheet apps need an internet connection every few days to work?

Good day AppSheet Community,

I am working on a prototype(Not deployed) app on the free version of AppSheet, with 2 other users helping me out.
In the Behaviour tab under Offline/Sync, I have every option set to ‘ON’ EXCEPT Delayed Sync and Delta Sync.
Some days the app loads and works fine, then after a while, if I open it up without an internet connection, the splash screen doesn’t come up and remains white and it hangs with the loading square loading and never loads.
If I reload the app with an internet connection, it loads fine and operates normally. However, after a few days or so (I haven’t paid attention to the exact time), even if I had opened it with an internet connection the day before, it does this bug again and I have to reload it with an internet connection.
Therefore, it seems as the app isn’t truly offline.
I do not have a corporate plan so I cannot contact AppSheet Support, but once the app is completed I plan to subscribe to the Publisher Pro plan.
Does anyone know when/why does this happen?
Is it happening because I’m not on a paid corporate plan?
Can you stop this behavior from occurring?
Is just me, or is it a bug that is going to get patched in the future, or is it a feature by design?

Thanks for taking the time to read,
William Pyke

AppSheet is not an offline-only platform. You can allow an app to function offline, but it must be brought online occasionally to sync with source data. It’s also the only way to get server side bug fixes.

The app is breaking because, undoubtedly, sync required actions are piling up so high the cache/OS can’t handle it anymore.


Thank you so much for that clarification!