Why do i get a separate table per row? I want...

(Alex Poteet) #1

Why do i get a separate table per row? I want one table with multiple rows…can anyone help? I am using a Workflow to generate the email, not a report.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Alex_Poteet Have you taken a look at the “Order Template in Table Format” section here: help.appsheet.com - Email Templates It has an example template that you can work from. I’d start by looking at the difference between your template and the example. Email Templates help.appsheet.com

(Alex Poteet) #3

@tony hey Tony, thank you for the help! I’ll check it out

(Alex Poteet) #4

@tony Hi Tony, unfourtunately that didnt help. Here’s why: Those templates all start by referencing [order details] or something similar. I do not have a reference column. This is how I have my template set up. Each entry is populating in its own table rather than ALL the entries populating in one table. Does that make sense?

<<Start:(Case Log[Unique Id])>> <<[Date]>> <<[Surgeon]>> <<[Facility]>> <<[Patient]>> <<[Company]>> <<[Case Value]>> <<[PO #]>> <<[Notes]>>