Why does regenerating a table reset required fields?

Every time I regenerate a table all my required fields go back to not required. Why? This is very frustrating.

That sounds like a bug of some sort, as that hasn’t happened to me.

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It happened in multiple apps today.

Did you happen to start building your app via Google Forms?

If so, there is a bunch of meta-data in a comment in each column’s header in the google sheet that determines certain characteristics (like Required), which will reset upon regenerating until you delete or change that meta-data, regardless of what you had specified in the app.

Otherwise I don’t believe it should reset.


No azure db and smartsheet. It did happen awhile back too but it wasnt all the time. Today was every app with this one table.

Please contact support@appsheet.com directly about this. I agree with @Bahbus: this sounds like a bug.

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I can confirm this is now happening to me too. I believe this is new, I just noticed it a couple weeks ago.

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