Why does the text() function insert thousands...

(Daryle Tilroe) #1

Why does the text() function insert thousands separators?

At the very least this should be an option.

I.E. if I use it on a year, eg. 2018 it returns: “2,018”.


(Daryle Tilroe) #2

PS. The workaround of wrapping it in a SUBSTITUTE() seems to work.



(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Instead of using TEXT, try with the CONCATENATE.


Hi @Daryle_Tilroe, where is the formula being used? If I try a simple TEXT(2018) or even TEXT(YEAR(NOW())) as the AppFormula in a Text-type column, I don’t see a separator.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

I believe @Daryle_Tilroe is using different locale settings and then the TEXT will give a different result.

(Daryle Tilroe) #6

Just to update/close: CONCATENATE does not do the trick.

Substitute appears to be the only workaround.

I do think at some point the locale issue needs to evolve to the point where field (column) formats can be specified to override.

The biggest motivation for me on this would be dates though.

ISO 8601 cannot be evangelized enough IMHO.

Thanks all.