Why does this happen? Copy BOT, but not copying task

I don’t clearly remember what it was before, but I m sure some changes have been made for the last few weeks, in terms of behavior of BOTs we build.

I create new BOT, which contains event as wel as one process. Good.
Copy this BOT. New event is generated, new process is placed which are associated with new copied BOT. I remember this coping BOT operation did not do this before. But it is okey, rather than copying BOT will not generate new process and event, although our BOT config pages are getting mess up with bunch of processes and event.

However, confusion is coming up once again, as copying BOT is not copying Task…

Why is Task left behind and alone? Why does copying BOT opration not to copy task while it copies event and process?

Today, I create one BOT and copie twice to automate slightly different stuffs. For copied BOT, we pushed slightly different config for event and process which was fine.
But we assumed the tasks have been copied, but without knowing that we only have one task even after copies, we have been playing around with single task which was shared across 3 BOTs…

Again, as my impression, this gives us another confusion.

Nostalgic workflow time and era, this operation was purely simple. Just copy workflow twice and made alternations, such as event trigger conditions change, and selecting actions names did the job witin mins.
But it takes hours, incl time spent to find out how copy BOT behaives…

For me, it is more making sense that coping BOT will copy

  1. Event
  2. Process
  3. Task
    all at once. Without mentioning to the point, the copied task is refered and used in the copied process to remove further confusion with us.