Why doesn't the Add button appear on my Detai...

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Why doesn’t the Add button appear on my Detail view to add a new Grupo?

The detail view is a Ref view based on my Grupos Activos slice, and the slice is configured for Adds, Updates and Deletes.

Updates and Deletes are displaying.

The underlying Grupos table is also configured for Adds, Updates and Deletes, and the Add action is configured as Display Overlay, and no condition is specified.

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@Nicholas_Christoffer Adds only appear on table/deck/map views. Conceptually, a detail view is only “about” a single record, so AppSheet won’t include the add button.

However, you can create your own custom action that adds a new row. Here’s how:

  • Make a new action on your table - Set the effect to “Add a new row to this table” - Set it to display prominently
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@tony got it, great, thanks Tony