Why is AppSheet not syncing correctly with my...

(Brady Lovell) #1

Why is AppSheet not syncing correctly with my gSheet when using this formula to get live weather?


I have 6 locations that I need live weather updates. I created a gSheet called Weather. I then created 6 workSheets and labeled them ‘Location 1’, ‘Location 2’, ‘Location 3’, etc…In cell A1 of each workSheet, I enter the above mentioned formula, which populates each workSheet with an hourly forecast.

I then go into AppSheet and import the 6 tables. I then create 6 ‘Ref’ Views. Then I created a ‘Dashboard’ View to display all 6 of my ‘Ref’ Views.

Everything looks and works beautifully, but it’s not updating. Currently (7pm), my gSheet weather is correct and is displaying hourly time starting at 6pm - 1am. But when I open AppSheet, the weather is still reading 1am - 8am, which would of been the forecast for late last night and into this morning.

Any ideas on what’s going on? I am pretty sure I’ve gone through everything but just can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve synced and refreshed until my fingers are numb, and still nothing. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Check your Behavior -> Sync settings. Make sure to disable delta sync and server caching.

(Brady Lovell) #3

@praveen I did indeed have Delta sync enabled. I disabled it, and resynced, and all is good. Looks like that did the trick. Much appreciated!

(Brady Lovell) #4

@praveen does this statement…

“Setup your app to work offline and control when changes in the app are synced with your data in the cloud. Requires a PREMIUM per-user plan or a PUBLISHER PLUS per-app plan.”

…that’s displayed over the options where Delta sync is located, apply to having the Delta sync option off? I just noticed that statement and was curious if I’m going to need one of those plans to have the Delta sync option off. If that is the case, that won’t work as we will be doing the Standard Plan.


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Actually, you need one of those plans to turn it ON :] Delta sync is valuable for many cases, but not where the data is changed via formulas without the file itself changing