Why is my Report template Blank via Appsheet and fine via Google?

I have today transferred an app from one account to another, and transferred all the contents of the relevant folder.

When I look at one of my report templates using Appsheet it comes up blank. When I look at it from Google Drive, it’s fine. I’ve tried making a copy and referring Appsheet to that new copy, but it shows up as blank too. When I point to a different report in the same folder, it’s fine. When I change back to the one I want to use, it’s blank again. What am I doing wrong. The template is a Word docx file that Google opens just fine?

The template is used to send an email to various recipients so I don’t want to test it by sending it early as it will confuse everyone. Last time it ran from the original account it was fine

I don’t understand this. I just shared the app with its original authoring account as co-aurthor, and hey presto the report is now visible.

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Same problem again. Document visible when I open from Drive but when I try to open from AppSheet I get a blank screen - I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

My guess is something in Google Drive having to do with file ownership and/or sharing permissions.