Why is sinck time so super slow now?

Every app, bigger or smaller has the same sinck time and it is so slow you need to wait for your data like from 1min to 4 min it average, and please don’t tell me it is because of functions that app has.

we have simple apps that need same sinck time.

And if this is a google platform should it not run somethinbg like close to speed of light, not like Tor browser.

And one more thing i am an appsheet user from 2014 i think, and it ran much faster then then now.



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sri, 17. mar 2021. 14:03 pošiljalac Steve Coile via AppSheet Creator Community <appsheet@discoursemail.com> je napisao:

it is still slow as f

i have an opinion it reminds mi when Microsoft bought wunderlist, and screw it up so much, that at the end they stopped it.
Same story.

it is sooooo slow at sink like one app is so simple you just ad two information and save, and it is like 5 min

Perhaps engage support@appsheet.com? There’s no way to troubleshoot without looking at your app configuration.