Why is this not dividing?

I am trying to divide two columns:

([Location_Total_Count_Out_By_Location_Category] / [Location_Total_Inventory_Count_By_Location_Category])

It doesn’t give me a percent. It gives - 0%

There are several things that it could be.

  • 0% is a percent. Are either or both of the values 0?
  • Is the output column setup as a percent?
  • How many decimal places are allowed? I believe that 0 is the default.
  • Are the two input columns setup as numbers?

ok. So the values are not “0” for any of them - so that can’t be it.

Output column is - type = “percent”

I put - no decimal places ( i tried 2 as well - still nothing)

the two input columns are type = “number”

Are these configurations correct?


([Location_Total_Count_Out_By_Location_Category] / DECIMAL([Location_Total_Inventory_Count_By_Location_Category]))

When dividing two Number values, the result will always be a Number value. Number values have no decimal point, so any fractional component is lost. To avoid this, convert one or both Number values to Decimal by using the DECIMAL() function as above, or by multiplying the Number by 1.0.


Steve- that worked. THANKS again!

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