Why isn't a shared folder on OneDrive visible...

(Rob atYahoo) #1

Why isn’t a shared folder on OneDrive visible as a shared folder?

When I try to add a new data source in AppSheet and choose OneDrive, it only lists Documents, Pictures and one other folder I created in the account. However when I log into the same OneDrive (personal) account on line, it includes another folder in my Files too. That other folder is not one I own but one that has been shared with me by another user who has given me the ability to edit files in that folder. Why isn’t it visible in AppSheet so I can connect to it?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

We’re just reflecting what the OneDrive API exposes. While they both share the name “OneDrive”, there are different underlying technologies used by Microsoft to implement the consumer/personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (what comes with Office365). I suspect the personal version perhaps doesn’t expose shared files.

(Rob atYahoo) #3

Thanks Praveen.

My One Drive is linked to Office 365 so I guess OneDrive for business must be a step above that in functionality.

I really need to start learning Google Script and dump Excel altogether as MS clearly don’t want to support reliable file sharing with AppSheet on their basic product