Why wouldn't Select() expression show the sam...

(WhiteCrow MD) #1

Why wouldn’t Select() expression show the same result as Ref_Rows()?

I am trying to make a virtual column with a list with conditinal expression, I tested the ref_rows() and I found that it serves the function of Select(). Since I want a conditional listing, I made an expression out of Select().

Select (Admission[Name],



Isblank([Histopath Number]),

Isblank([Histopathologic Report])

) )

Verify says it is Ok, but doesn’t seem to give the correct ouput. Thank you

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @WhiteCrow_MD,

You have mentioned REF_ROWs expression that typically resides in parent table in a parent-child reference relationship.

Thus could

you please add,

if you have this VC and its expression are in the parent table ? Is Admission a child table? Are all the columns mentioned in the expression reside in the child table?

(WhiteCrow MD) #3

I have two tables… Admission = data of patients with corresponding surgeon Doctors = data of surgeons, to which I want to populate a list of patients from the admission table. I have an auto generated VC, which has ref_rows() in the app formula and works properly in listing all patients assigned to a specific surgeon.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Thank you. You may wish to try the following expression. The expression assumes the VC is in Doctors table and all columns in expression are in Admission table except [Key Column of Doctor table]

Also request you to include “Yes” instead of Yes against


if the column collects data in Yes/No text format in back end table. Else if the column collects data in TRUE/FALSE text format, please use condition [Histopathology]= TRUE

Select (Admission[Name],

AND([Ref Column Name in Admission Table]=[_THISROW].[Key Column Name in Doctor Table],

[Histopathology]=“Yes” ,

Isblank([Histopath Number]),

Isblank([Histopathologic Report])

) )