Wierd Problem

Don’t know why this is happening.

There’s a table connected to another as child.

In the detail view of the parent table, the child table shows up as “Related child’s”.

No matter how many times or however I try to change the inline child table view, it retains what it was at the beginning - the default table view.

This is a very strange problem faced for the first time now.

I need help.

The inline table view is in the ref position for the child table:

You may have to show system views, at the bottom of the views listing:


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Yes, like I said this is the first time I have faced this.

The above is what after keeping the inline view as table.

When I change it to deck, still:

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Click View, then look at what view is identified. That’s the one you need to edit.



Thank you.

It was pointing to another view that was made by me

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