Will AMP be available soon?


Recently I have seen several demo videos using AMP. Also, in my reading of their explanations, I see expressions like it is available at the moment.

Is there any plan to make AMP available to the general public in the near future?



We watched this movie few times and followed the guide precisely tobtest GAS integration. But there is not action beside twilio integration part. This test and beta integration is yet available or something is going wrong ?

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Yes, this was announced at Google I/O recently. We plan to roll this feature out by the end of this quarter.


Thanks @prithpal,
We’ll start thinking about use cases with AMP now so that we can improve the UX experience for Workspace users.:hugs:


Điều này thật tuyệt vời!

Any release date annouced? @prithpal

@davizard no date has been announced yet. We’ll make a formal announcement when it’s ready.


Hi… Any update on this? Do we have any tentative dates when it will be available?

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@Mitul_Vanasiwala please see the note above.

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Chức năng này bao giờ thì có vậy?. Tôi đang rất quan tâm.!

Hôm nay đã là 5/8/2021 chức năng này đã có lộ trình ra mắt chưa?
Tôi rất quan tâm.

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Hey @Takuya_Miyai I’d be interested in hearing more about the use cases you have in mind for AMP emails. What do you think will be your most common use cases to apply them and for what types of apps? Same for @tsuji_koichi if you have any thoughts to share!

Is this to suggest AppSheet doesn’t already have use-cases for AMP emails despite ongoing development?

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Any possible type of use cases, where you need to ask somebody to change the data through the email.

Typical use case where you ask someone to ask for approval. Send email to someone (approver), then he/she receives it. Without opening up app, they can approve or disapprove, or reject whatsoever just on email body. Fancy.


We do have use cases that we’ve collected from early interviews and customer conversations, but I specifically want to hear from some of our power users from the community. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @tsuji_koichi – we’ve heard about approval use cases a lot – do you have specifics in terms of what types of approval apps do you most commonly build that could use this feature? (document approvals, budget/expense approvals, project management, etc.)

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The capabilities of Appsheet is unlimited.

It is upto what you want.

For those AMP type of new features, you can utilize for the case where you need to change the data.

The process for approvals is just one of example.

The beauty of appsheet is to be able to accomodate what you want.

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In the meantime, we have to be aware that this AMP is only available for users for Google workspace (Gmail).

If you sent AMP made email to someone whose email plaform is something else, like Outlook, it wont work.


Sorry, I m derailing from dicussion.

When our customers are asking what AppSheet can do, we are always saying that is silly question, just because the bevelopment of app with AppSheet is always to come with the point, what you want?

Before we scrutiny what AppSheet can do, we need to know what you want on our business.

Based on my past experience, 98 pct of business requirements are filled by AppSheet.

Thats why the question in terms of what AppSheet can do is bit silly to me, but better to start with question what you want to solve your own business problems. As the solutions is are out there with AppSheet