Will an Export action work on a slice?

I have a slice defined for my completed work orders.
I now want to export it. however the action will not let me choose the slice to attach to…

By “export” if you mean CSV format export, then please take a look at the below article. You could base a view on the slice and export it to CSV


If you are looking for a PDF kind of report, you could trigger a BOT using template expressions that use slice.


Thanks for responding.
I found a sample by seaching the help. I was confused because I could not attach the action to a slice of the data I had created. The Search/Filter method shown is conprehensive but not as simple as attaching an action to to a slice. In other words adding the action to the slice is a natural progression because it’s how you attach an action to a table.
Otherwise I did manage to get my data downloaded.

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