Will Delayed Sync OFF post data to Google Sheets during entry without pressing Save?

I have a client with drivers that conduct checks along long routes (10 min - 60 min).

When they begin the route, they start a record in AppSheet, scan a few bar codes and leave the phone in the truck on the same screen until they reach the next site. Note: They have not pressed saved yet.

The Automatic Save every 30 minutes is currently causing the drivers to lose records as they’re in the middle of a route and the system runs the sync in the middle of the route causing them to lose the existing records.

Moving to another screen on device during a Route (like taking a phone call) could also cause the records to be lost as well.

Will turning off Delayed Sync AND Automatic Updates ensure data is posted immediately minimizing data loss?

I’ve read the documentation on each of the sync types but its unclear how they work or contradict with one another.

The only way for form data to be saved in any manner is to press the Save button (or choose an option from or tab off of the last column if auto-save is enabled).

Once a form is saved, the saved data will remain exclusively on the user’s device until the user’s device syncs.


Don’t think it’s a good practice to spend that much time in a form.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a parent table for the driver’s shift and a child table for the in-shift records?

Can you detail a bit more what is the app doing?

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Thanks Alex,

Yes you’re right. We have a parent table and a 2-3 child tables set.

The user inputs the Route Header Info (parent table) and then inputs data into the child record area. The issue is the route is not complete so the form could be open for up 60 minutes until the driver inputs all of the bar codes at each of the sites he’s driving to.

Would be great if the system committed the data to database as it was entered but it’s not until the user presses Save that the data gets committed to the device (offline mode). We’ve had phones who may move away from the form etc which disrupts the form and 25-30 records are lost

We had Automatic Save on but again if the user didn’t press Save the record is in this “entry mode” so it disrupts the form an data is lost.


Can you not brake it down a bit more?
Rather than have a route that contains all the scans, can you not have:

A route (grandparent)
With multiple stops (parent)
With multiple scans (child)


I have a very similar one:

A driver has a shift which has:

  multiple stops
         multiple documents
         multiple notes

 multiple trucks (might swap mid-shift)
               Multiple notes
               Multiple photos

 Multiple trailers (again swaps)
                Multiple notes
                Multiple photos

So what I did was brake it down to the smallest “event” and build it up from there.

Another advantage to this (in my case) is that updates can be sent to the main office after every event (if needed) so tracking would be a lot better.

Hope it helps!


Thanks Alex when you reference “swaps”, do you mean there’s a new form every time there’s a swap. I’m concerned about the transitions from form to form as the process has to come across extremely simple for the drivers.

Do you have Auto Save in place for each form? How about a Finish View?

Again a million thanks for the process.

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send me your email address and I’ll add you on mine


Thanks Alex!

Hi Alex did u already email?

Hi Daisy,
I have now.
I’ve put a prototype together to replicate just the shift/stop/scan module.

Should be straight forward but feel free to ask any questions

Hope it helps

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the driver will start a new shift

timestamp auto-filled but it can be modified
(I would hide it and add start time)

Once the drivers arrive at a client, he will:
add the client
(I would add another timestamp column for the arrival)

scans the items
once he is done scanning, he’ll click “Back” and go back to Shift Detail view
(I would add another timestamp for the departure, maybe a status column - arrived/left and an action to change the status)

once he’s done with his shift, he clicks end shift and the status will change to finished.
if done by mistake, there is the option to continue the shift.

(I would add a workflow to send an email after every stop with the scans and/or at the end of the shift with all he’s done)

Kept it simple not to get lost in it and the “I would” bits just to see my whole view about it.