Windows App for desktop users

(Controller Planeador) #1

It would be great if a desktop app could be made available, so users from desktops could benefit from the cache and offline capabilities.

In our current implementation 50% of the users are desktop users (the other are mobile, but some prefer using a full screen as well)


(Marc Dillon) #2

Have you tried just using the browser version of the app on your desktop? What exactly are you looking for beyond that? Main issue I see is if the offline cache isn’t stored so that you can’t even open the app if offline? You should be able to open the app while online, then go offline and still use it, I believe.

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

Like @Marc_Dillon mentioned, you should be able to just use the ‘web app’ version of your app - you can find the link to it in Users > Links

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) closed #4