Windows & MacOS AppSheet Application


It’s definitely a dream idea, but i would LOVE to see a non-browser equivalent of the Android/iOS AppSheet app for computers. Browser full screen mode is amazing but I just wish I could have it without the clutter of a browser and for it to automatically open when I turn on my computer. Just sounds like the dream scenario for me.

Personally for apps like Slack once I installed the application version I never use the browser version.

If you’re running Chrome on Windows, you can create a shortcut to your app that saves to your desktop, that also has the option to run the app in a standalone window:
It makes a nice little icon on your desktop using your apps icon :slight_smile:
And when you run it it’s inside it’s own window

If you’re running windows, you can then add this shortcut to the Startup folder and windows will start the app when it loads.



Thanks, yeah I thought about that but for some reason I figured it would still have all the clutter of chrome extension icons/navbar/settings/tabs/bookmarks. But chrome has surprised me with how clean they made it! I like how it works on MacOS too (shhhh, dont tell anyone; still a PC guy outside of work).

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