With the additions of ref actions, data chang...

(Multi Tech Visions) #1

With the additions of ref actions, data change workflows, grouped actions, prefilling forms with linktoform(), ensuring data is updated with timestamps on view actions… If enough details are known about an intent flow we can reduce an entire process to a single button press to launch a form with everything prefilled.

But we still have to press the save button, or some other user interaction, to save and move on.

Feature request: background record creation.

MakeRecord()??? Just like linktoform() but automatically saves itself in the background with no onscreen anything.

As always, thanks for considering. (^_^)

(Multi Tech Visions) #2

Or… LinkToForm(“Table_Form”, “field”, {Value}, …, “AppLink-#####”, true)

Add a final bit that makes it a background record creation.:+1:

(Grant Stead) #3

@MultiTech_Visions it seems like they’re super close…