With the User Settings and the localization t...

(Christian Farley) #1

With the User Settings and the localization tab we were almost on the verge of having a truly localisable system. But being unable to localize enum list values kinda kills it. (its kind of an all or nothing thing).

It seems making the enum field capable of executing expressions would be straight forward to implement? Any plan on that?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

If you use an Enum column with (a) allow other values, (b) a Valid_if expression, then the values in it depend on the valid_if expression.

That can be localized to pick up values from another table based on the UserSettings

(Christian Farley) #3

@praveen Ah, yes. I seem to this being discussed or demoed in a webinar? Is there a demo app showing this workflow?

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #4

@Christian_Farley2 Check out this doc; focus on Option 3:

help.appsheet.com - Dropdown from Valid_If Dropdown from Valid_If help.appsheet.com

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #5

@Christian_Farley2 Your list of values table should have a language and value column.

You might add a column of “base value” (in a “base language”) to help you manage the multiple languages.

And if you use the same lookup table for multiple fields, then also add a column called something like “Table-Column” to filter on the values that are specific to that table and column.

When you write your Valid_if expression, you will select from this table and specify an AND condition using your user’s language, and the Table-Column value for the field you want to look up.