Wondering if you can help with the below prob...

(Michael Pinto) #1

Wondering if you can help with the below problem. Still learning about expressions in a slice and actions

I have a table called “County”, with another two tables connect to it via references (“User” & “Manufacture”). See below.

I would like to create a slice that only shows the countries that either has a related Manufacture or related User linked to it.

I would then like to use this slice in an action “toggle” type button.

“Manufacture / User” Button which changes to a “All Countries” Button once I select it (i.e. toggle type button)

How do I achieve this?

Thanks advance for the support.


I am not sure on the “toggle” part, but on the slice you could try this (untested).

OR(ISNOTBLANK([Manufacture]), ISNOTBLANK([User]))

(Tony Fader) #3

@Michael_Pinto For your toggle button, you could create a custom action under Behavior > Actions. help.appsheet.com - Actions: The Essentials Actions: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

(Steven Coile) #4

Where would you envision the toggle button occurring?

How would you present or use this slice?

(Michael Pinto) #5

@Mike_Adler thanks Mike. Just needed to refer to the related manufacturer and user and it worked

(Michael Pinto) #6

+Steve Coile I wanted a overlay button on the deck view of the country table (see picture of table structure above). I however realized that actions only work in the detail view. So the idea was that I had a deck view of the country table that shows a list of all countries. I then thought I could have a overlay button on this view that navigated to a deck view of the filtered country slice (i.e. Slice used formula above to only show a filtered view of the countries only had related users and manufactures). The button would dynamically change based on the view you where currently in (I. E. The button would navigate to the deck view of the slice if I wasn’t already in that view and back to the unfiltered deck view if I was in the filtered deck view linked to the slice). Any workaround suggestions?

(Steven Coile) #7

@Michael_Pinto Have you considered the linktofilteredview()?

help.appsheet.com - Column Type: App (Deep Links) Column Type: App (Deep Links) help.appsheet.com

(Michael Pinto) #8

+Steve Coile I was under the impression that linktofilteredview achieved the same result as linkedtoview to a slice of the table? Probably I lot more efficient then a slice. Will experiment with it though. I suppose this does not influence my navigate to another view from any other view other than a detail view.?