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Hi all,

I couldn’t think of a better title. I’ve seen from time to time people looking for some sort of ability to have tags on something like an article, and then be able to select one or more tags and see what results come back. I decided to tackle that today.

Edit: Proper sample app now.

This is not a perfect implementation as I found a bug of sorts trying to do this initially, but it works.
In my example I use 3 tables: Tags, Articles, and Search.

Articles contain many Tags and one reference back to Search. The reference was needed to get around the bug I found, and shouldn’t get in the way even at large scale.

Search is a single line table featuring an EnumList with a Valid_If back to Tags.

Lastly, there is a slice that uses INTERSECT() to determine what articles you want to see.

Thoughts, questions, concerns?



Is there a way to download and copy your app so I can look and learn from how you impemented it? I need to do something similar. Thanks.

My apologies, I thought I had the options set up for that already. Should be able to see it now!


No problem. I’m getting it now and will dive into it later this morning. Appreciate it.

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