Word Template Border Issues

I am having issues with table borders in Word templates. The template has borders that are not present in the word document. Example below:

Word template

Resulting PDF:

Any ideas why the vertical borders to the right of “Tract Name” and “County” show up when they are not present on the word template?


When you see … as lines those are not borders just outlines, you need to define the borders for each section and you will be good to go!

That’s what is throwing me off. Note the internal vertical borders that are only outlines on the word document.

What I do for these kinds of things, is try selecting the 4 cells so the line is in the middle. Then force that middle line to appear and disappear from your template. Resave.

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Hi Stephen, did you manage to get that to work? I also have similar issues on my Word template and wondering if you managed to resolve this.

Never found a good solution beyond deleting borders and recreating. Word seems a bit erratic with this, but once I finally got them correct it has worked fine. Just scared to change anything now…