Worflow Trigging an action which Triggers a Workflow

So I’m stuck along the lines of this same issue - Workflow triggering another workflow

I’m trying to find out if there is a better way than what I’ve got working so far…

This is a parts ordering section of an App. The user creates a PO (Puchase Order) record. Upon doing this a Workflow looking for new records triggers. It calls an action that basically looks at another table and copies some rows into PO’s subtable called Materials. This all worked fine. But I now want it to also send the order automatically via email to the supplier when you create the PO record. But you can’t because you cant have a Workflow calling an action which triggers another workflow.

So I’ve done a test and disabled the origional workflow. Then I’ve made the action that workflow called visable as a button. So the only way it seems to get what I want is for the user to created a PO record, then click on the action button for this record. This does work. But its a bit faffy and illogical for the user to have to do 2 consecutive tasks (click save AND press then the action button)

Does anyone else have any better solutions that would do everything I want just by clicking save? My biggest concern is we are going to get dozens of PO records that are created but not ordered with the 2 step process.

Can you set the action as the Form Saved action?


Yes I can!!! I’ll try that tomorrow and report back :smiley: