Work Flow Expressions

Hi, I have made an app with 5 different departments using the same app.

My tables are:

  1. Maintenance Request with columns Department, Useremail of staff
  2. Department Manager with columns Department, Useremail of manager

So When the staff submits a new Maintenace Request (adding rows), I want to notify the manager in the respective department.

How do I go about in the Workflow Expressions? What’s the easiest formula to deal with?

Thank you so much!

Do you have a ref between these 2 tables?

No refs where made.

I reckon i’d do that.

But if i do as refs, it might affect my view on the app as its intended to be viewed as text.

Even so, hows the formula going to be?

Setting an email workflow is the easy part. Provided you create a reference between these 2 tables, than you can call the related managers email easily with a de-ref expression. I may encourage you to start with reading below pages:

To get the Useremail of the Department referenced by a Maintenance Request record without a Ref:

    Department Manager[Useremail],
    ([Department] = [_THISROW].[Department])

Hi Steve, this is great. Cant wait to test it out. Outside at the moment.

Im assuming this would send to all of the manager emails related to that Department yeah?

Also, ive made 2 separate apps, each for the staff and manager.

Will this Workflow notify the manager thru the other app?

Can the manager click on the pop up notification and be directed to any Deeplinks related to the manager app?

I hope this make sense.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you sir!