Work/Job Order System

I am not sure if it possible to achieve what I am trying to do here, but basically:

I have created a form entry called Job Sheet. An operative will go to site add a job sheet entry - within that recording the location, time on site, time off, works completed, photo, customer name and signature etc.

However, currently this means prior to going to that job the operative must be told manually which client and address to go to, and what works need to be completed for that client and any other work instructions.

Is it possible to automate this, so the operative can open appsheet, see what jobs he/she needs to complete for the day (has been assigned). The information that he/she will need to see will have to include: Client Name, Address, Works to be carried out, further comments, access method. This information needs to be entered in by office staff. But ideally I would like the Job Sheet being completed by the operative as a separate form then the information being entered above by the office staff, if that is possible.

You could do this with two different ways. The office staff creates the record with the data and then the worker fills the rest of. You can control it with the “Editable If” if you don’t want that the worker can modify those records or you can just hide thos fields totally.

Another solution is if you use related table structure where the officer staff fills the parent record and the worker adds a child record. You can read more about references from this article…

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