Workaround to identify users in public app

I’m looking for a solution to identify the users in a public app without them signing in. So that they are notified.

I made a private secure app and a public app. The users in the private app receive appointments generated in the public app and I’m lookig for a way to identify the users in the public app without they sign in. The only thing they’ll see in the public app will be the users and they’ll only be able to see the appointments for that user and make an appointment for themselves.

By-nature and by-design it’s a Public app. Unfortunately there is no way to provide the identity of any user unless they don’t explicitly sign-in


By definition of it being a public app, it’s not meant to identify individual users for any reason. Public apps are meant to be relatively static usages. So while it’s not a terrible way to allow people to create appointments (especially if they don’t need to put in any actually sensitive information), it’s a really bad idea to try and use a Public app to allow that private information to travel back and forth.

Think of it this way. Public apps strength would be the fact that they don’t care about the individual person currently interacting with it. This makes it great for simple data collection (surveys, email list sign ups, etc), information giving (menus for productions or services), games potentially even, and others. But, as soon as you care about the individual users and want to privately communicate with them, a public app is no longer your option.


I haven’t seen it that way, I’ll make an auto generated ID instead because curently users in the public app are required to navigate to the service providers and fill the appointment form that requests:

  • Citizen ID number (to be changed to UNIQUEID()
  • appointment date TODAY()+1 day
  • appointment time_start NOW()
  • appointment time_end NOW()+1
  • phone number

Then, they save the appointment.
Meanwhile In the private app the service provider will see the appointment in calendar view via private app and both get notified of that appointment
-Service provider gets a push notification
-User from the public app receive text message.

Will it work if I encrypt device’s information? or this option only encrypts the data inside, not in the communications send to the server?

Since in your description, you are not attempting to have the users use the Public app in order to view their appointment information, than this, theoretically, would work fine. As long as those that use the Public app can’t have their phone numbers revealed. So make sure to filter out all previous rows.

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Alright, actually I changed this app dynamics, so that public users will just submit the information as a request and wait for a service provider call to confirm the date and define an hour.

Now I have another problem to tackle, add an appointment to a service provider and let users in the public app to register if they are new or update if they alredy are registered.