Workaround until Gantt Chart View comes

Hi all,

I created this workaround Gantt Chart View. It is actually a table with columns Aug,Sep until Jun next year as virtual columns. Each VCs has a related formula. For example, for September, currently I am using the following formula:

if(And([Start Date Booked]<“02/Sep/2020”,[End Date Booked]>“1/Sep/2020”),“Worker master Current_Images/1.Picture.094659.png”,"")

1.Picture.094659.png gives the blue bar

Please set to column type to ‘thumbnail’. Image type did not work when I tried.

-j- erry


Is a Gantt view in the pipeline?

It’s not short term…

What’s the image property for that 1.Picture.094659.png?

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What a creative concept!! Well done!


Good question @LeventK! It is thumbnail. I tried Image but image did not load for some reason. An exclamation mark error appeared. Not sure why at that time. Let me update my post accordingly.

Thanks! I use your QREW tool and follow you on Youtube @Stefan_Quartemont :slight_smile:

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