Workday() function not working

I’m having problems with the WORKDAY() function.

My input is along the lines of WORKDAY([Start date];10;Holydays[Date]), but it tells me that “WORKDAY has invalid inputs”

The error goes away when I remove the Holydays[Date] input from the formula, but I have double-checked that all the dates are valid, and formatted as dates in both the google sheet and AppSheets

How about:

WORKDAY([Start date],10,Holydays[Date])

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That returns the same error


is [Date] a date type?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Double hmmm…

Do you have a Holydays table?

I’m seeing the same issue. A manual list of dates works fine but any select function (e.g. SELECT, FILTER, Holidays[Date]) gives that error. I would report this to


Yeah, my Holydays table is a simple table with two columns: [Date] and [Description]

I Agree. what else is there to ask?

It seems to be working wrongly. I will assign this to our devs for debugging. Thanks for this info!