Workflow Action Record Previous Value

I am trying to achieve this with workflow rule triggering an action, where the previous value is recorded before the edit in another column.

Row[Col] = “First”
Row[Old] = “”
Edit Row
Row[Col] = “Second”
Row[Old] = “First”
Edit Row
Row[Col] = “Third”
Row[Old] = “First,Second”

Workflow[Condition]: [Col]<>[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Col]
Workflow[Reaction]: Record Col
Action[Record Col:Do]: Data: sets values in row.
Action[Record Col:Set]: Set Columns: [Old] = [Col]&","&[Old]

I’m thinking the value of [_THISROW_BEFORE] is unavailable to Action?


Your best bet would be to always add the “current” value to the old list when it is set. Then if need be for display purposes, you should be able to subtract the “current” value from the “old” list to just give you what the history was.

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I have another alternate suggestion depending on the complexity of your data. If this history tracking of yours isn’t too widespread (i.e. only a few columns) you could use a seperate table (or tables) and a parent/child relationship where the history is in its own table.

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