Workflow Add_Only Executes Add A Row in Another Table Does Not Execute Add_Only in That Other Table

I have a table MonthlyReports, when I save a form for this table for a new entry I have a workflow for Adds_Only in MonthlyReports that executes an Action of ‘Add a Row in Another Table using values from this row’ which adds a row in the table WaterUseData.

I have another workflow for Adds_Only in WaterUseData that is supposed to do some other things, however the add action in MonthlyReports that then triggers the ‘add a row in another table (WaterUseData)’ does not appear to trigger the workflow in WaterUseData.

Is this expected behavior or an error?

That is expected behavior. Workflow rules only trigger on manual or API data changes.


Meaning: user-initiated, from the app. Changes made by workflows and reports do not trigger workflows.



@Steve or @Marc_Dillon would there be an alternative way to trigger the add row to WaterUseData from the form save of the MonthlyReports form and then still trigger the workflow for WaterUseData.

I played around with this some but could not get the add row to WaterUseData to execute by changing the MonthlyReports ‘Save Form’ action. I feel like maybe I’m missing something here.

Or could I use the API in the MonthlyReports workflow rule to add a row to WaterUseData using values from MonthlyReports and then still execute the WaterUseData ‘Adds_Only’ workflow? If this is possible how would I need to go about it?

Create an action of type Grouped: execute a sequence of actions that includes both the Data: add a row in another table using values from this row action and the other actions you want done, the use this grouped action in your existing workflow instead.


Thank you @Steve. I was able to break this up using two tasks in the MonthlyReport workflow. The reason I had to break it up was because one task is already a sequence of actions and apparently you cannot have an action that is a ‘sequence of actions’ with an action that is another ‘sequence of actions’.

So workflow task1 is the sequence of actions task in MonthlyReports table, then I initiate task2 which is a separate ‘sequence of actions’ adding the row into WaterUseData table and then executing the ‘sequence of actions’ in WaterUseData table. Whew that was a mess.

Last part that I cannot figure out is I have a specific ending view (dashboard) that is supposed to show the newly created row in MonthlyReports table along with a detail view of the related WaterUseData row that was created in the previously explained steps. If I incorporate an action that links to a different view into my action sequence, then the workflow is unable to execute that action for some reason and if I choose the view as the ‘finish view’ from the MonthlyReports table form for some reason it does not navigate there either. Any ideas?

Workflows are performed on the server and cannot navigate the user anywhere. Navigation can only be done from actions performed in the app itself, such as when a button is tapped or a form is saved.

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Shouldn’t the MonthlyReport form ‘Finish View’ take care of the proper navigation then? For some reason it does not.

Screenshot of the form view’s configuration, please.

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MonthlyReport form configuration

End view configuration (dashboard)

View 1 in Dashboard

View 2 in Dashboard

I should note that in the MonthlyReports table view I changed the navigation to go to this dashboard and there it works as intended, it just does not appear to work correctly after saving a new row.

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I would certainly expect Finish View to take you to the dashboard. I have no explanation for why it isn’t. :frowning: You might try asking

So this is somewhat strange, out of the blue this morning it just started working where it does switch to the correct Finish View. I made some changes to the app so far, but nothing that would affect that issue. Just weird, how all day yesterday I could not get this to accomplish but now it is fixed ‘magically’.

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Yeah, I’ve experienced that, too. :roll_eyes: