Workflow and SELECT functions showing Unique ID instead of Label

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help, I am struggling to get workflows and Select functions to show the Label column instead of the Key Column.

Basically I have 3 tables:

  1. Vehicle Movements
  2. Driver List
  3. Driver Training

Both the Vehicle Movements and Driver Training tables are Ref via the Driver Name column to the Driver List table. I am able to show an inline view of the Related Training by using [Driver Name].[Related Driver Training] which works fine however I am looking to get this in a single string separated by commas.

Whenever I try this using the SELECT or LIST functions it will return the Unique ID instead of the Training Course column which is set as the label, the same happens when sending an email via Workflows.

I am sure there is an easy way around this and I am certain I have done it in other apps previously but for some reason I cannot figure out where I am going wrong!

Thanks in advance.

I think I have seen this also. You can always refer to other columns on the fly with this type of syntax:

[Related Driver Training].[ColumnYouReallyWant]

Have you tried this?

Thanks for your reply, I have a column called [Completed Training] which returns a list of Related Driver Training using the driver name as a Ref, this works however it’s an inline view and not a delimited string. When I try [Completed Training].[Training Course] to return the course name it will say “Error in Expression”.

Any ideas?

Ah. What happens when you remove the period? E.g. [Completed Training][Training Course]

Haha thanks that’s worked I think, didn’t even know you could do that without a period. What is the period used for, is it when there is only one value that relates or something else???

Thanks for that, been a good 2 hours trying to figure it out, hopefully it works on the workflow email also!

It’s a dif between a field ref and a list ref. E.g:

If you’re in an orders table, [Ref Column To A Customer].[Email] will return the customer’s email address. If you’re in a customers table, [Related Orders][Total Price] will return the list of total prices from that customer’s orders

Or put another way:
–TableName[ColumnName] produces a column list
–TableName can be substituted for a list of Refs
–the Related Orders column holds a list of refs, and [Related Orders] is just the normal way to reference the column


Thanks that’s great, will make things a lot easier, I didn’t even know this function existed!

Also works fine in the workflow too!