Workflow attachment template error

All of sudden I get the following error in my workflow regarding my .docx attachment template which worked before today. If I remove the reference to the attachment file I don’t get an error.
Task: ‘’ Template Type: ‘Attachment’ could not be read due to FileMimeType ‘application/unknown’ is unexpected…

Please contact directly.

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I’m facing this issue today, what was the solution you found?

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Appsheet Support fixed the problem. They said it was an issue on their end. You may have to report the problem to them.

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I am experiencing this now. It was working fine last night.
This morning, we did a formal launch with all the users present as we demonstrated the app;.
It was embarassing. Sent an email to appsheet support but I doubt I will even get a response today.

I am investigating. Please submit a problem report through the support channel.

Two other customers have reported that after they made a minor change to their Google Doc email attachment template they started seeing the error "‘Attachment’ template could not be read due to “FileMimeType ‘application/unknown’ is unexpected”. I was able to reproduce the problem using one of the customer’s application.

I learned that the error was occurring because Google Drive was returning as HTTP error 500 (Internal Error) when we attempt to read the Google Doc attachment template file. The “FileMimeType ‘application/unknown’” error was being reported because when we read the Google Doc, we first attempt to obtain its MIME type. We initialize the MIME type to ‘application/unknown’ and then read the Google Doc file to obtain its actual MIME type. Google Drive is returning the HTTP error 500 (Internal Error) when we do that. Rather that reporting the original HTTP error 500, we were reporting “FileMimeType ‘application/unknown’ is unexpected”. I made a change late last week to being reporting the original "HTTP error 500 (Internal Error) " rather than “FileMimeType ‘application/unknown’ is unexpected”, because it more accurately reflects the problem.

I am working with the Google Drive team to determine why the “HTTP error 500 (Internal Error)” is occurring when we attempt to obtain the attachment template’s MIME type. I am not certain how common this problem is. I created a simple test application, but was not able to reproduce the problem despite making several minor changes to the Google Docs attachment template. Google Docs attachment templates are used by many customers, and thus far I am only aware of three customers having this problem. Two of the three only reported the problem very recently.

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The support channel:

Thanks Phil. I agree.
I actually contacted the support channel before I posted here.
The issue got resolved around midnight (it’s 8:30 am here now).

As per the support staff, they did not do anything to resolve it. It just started working again.
So he doubts this is an internal Appsheet issue but rather something to do with the Google Docs service.

And it makes sense to me, because during the time it was not working, when I click the “View” button on the Template field of the Automation task, it just launches a blank screen instead of redirecting me to the Google Doc template. So it was like appsheet was not able to access the Google Doc from GDrive.

Now that the pdf automation is working again, the “View” button also started working again, which launches the Google Doc template.

I hope Appsheet team and Google Drive team can determine what has caused this.
It was like the AppSheet API was blocked from accessing the files in our Google Drive.

Although our company’s google drive cannot share files to and from outside our domain, Appsheet should not be seen as external as it is part of our Google Workspace enterprise plan.

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@Phil , I’m getting the same error with an email template.

And just before that, the same Task lost the docId setting:

I was not able to diagnose the original problem. The Google Docs team wanted to be granted access to the Google Docs template file that was failing. Neither customer was able to do that, and I eventually closed the bug because I could not provide the Google Docs team with access to either of the failing Google Docs template files.

The problem that Daisy is describing in which the Docid of the template file is lost, sounds like either an Editor or possibly a server failure. The Editor should be preserving the Docid in the AppTemplate when doing Save. The Server should be writing the entire AppTemplate, including the DocId, to the SQL database where the AppTemplate is stored.

The Greenflux problem sounds like a new problem because the error message seems to contain a valid Docid. The “File Not Found” error indicates that we could not locate the Google Docs file when we tried to retrieve The Google Docs template file’s MIME type and other properties. The original problem was an error 500 (Internal Server Error) that was returned by Google Drive when we attempted to retrieve the Google Docs template file’s MIME type and other properties. If you confirm that the Google Docs template file is present, then I will need to debug the problem. Please submit a problem report for it.

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