Workflow attachment vs records table

Hi All,

I received a workflow email with an attachment. The attachment information has returned data that is different from what I am seeing on the app. Any ideas why this would be?

Stay Blessed

Is it possible that you have duplicate key values in that table? That could explain it.

Hey there Aleksi,

I checked that first. Its not the issue.

just a single record. could it have been a bug?

Can you provide a copy of the attachment template?

Hi Marc,

Please see attached. These appear on my google sheet table but did not appear on this attachment in the workflow

Is it possible that the record was changed AFTER the attachment was generated?

Don’t see anything apparently wrong with the template, but what exactly do you mean by this:

How do i see if the record was changed after a submission?

I have a complete status which is my trigger for the workflow. So the record changed after I received the report.

there were 2 figures that showed a 0 balance on the report i received via a workflow. It is however reflecting on the google sheet table that records the data

Unless this is a type-o, then there is the issue.

Please look at the Audit History. It will tell you exactly what changes occurred and in what order.

See topic "Why isn’t my workflow rule working?’ in this article