Workflow automation with forms

Hello Guys!

I was looking for an workflow that starts working when a new form was filled in (outside the app)
And I found this video! I did everything just like the video, but the workflow never starts…
Can you guys please check my video and tell me what I did wrong?

My condition is always on ‘true’
and I checked it with an e-mail and an notification, but it never started.

Here is my video:

thank you guys!

Workflow cannot respond to data changes made “outside the app”.

Hello Steve,

Someone of the team makes this video.
So it looks like it is possible? Or is this an incorrect video?

Thank you to check my message!

This is a new feature that is in preview an not yet ready for production use. As such, I have no guidance to offer on it.

Even after the Automation is in place fully without further expansion of its capabilities, there is no capabilities for Appsheet to listen the event (data changes) triggered by the external app.