Workflow bug

When I create a workflow based on the “add row” preset, it returns an error saying that the table does not exist in this app. If I connect the table it looks on the target table instead of the trigger table to populate the template, returning a “column not found” error.

Workflows run in the context of the record that they are triggered on. Any expressions used will also be in the same context, NOT in the context of the target table for the Appsheet webhook. This appears to be working exactly as it should be and not a bug.

Can you show what you have setup for the webhook Body? Maybe explain what you are trying to do?


That is exactly what I expected to happen, and what I told that is not working :sweat_smile:

My flow is triggered when adding a register at the table “Agendamentos”, It is supposed to get the ID from this table, column [Paciente ID], and save it to the target table “Fluxo Consulta” in the column [Paciente] (JSON row “Paciente”: “<<[Paciente ID]>>”). The error is when it tries to parse [Paciente ID], it says that [Paciente ID](from trigger "Agendamentos) was not found and asks if I mean “Paciente”(from target “FluxoConsulta”).

I see. Can you please show a screenshot of the rest of your webhook workflow configuration, especially what is in the Body.

Hi, follow the print below. I’m used to create workflows inside appsheet (and outside too), this specific flow was working perfectly about 7 days ago. I believe that was added some data validation to get the fields from “target table” and this have caused the bug. I have tried to pass only text, without expressions and it still don’t work.