Workflow Condition depending on acceptable/improvement/reject


Currently, I have 1 workflow action that sends out a single report dependent on:
( [Report Status] = “Sending” )

BUT, I would like to alternate between templates based on the result. Ie, I would like the report to have 3 different templates dependent if the check is acceptable, improvement needed or reject.

Could someone please advise how to do this?


Can you elaborate? Based on what result or based on which column value? How do you get that result?

From where these values come from?

Thank you for your reply!
Its a field in the form, so based on their selection of either of 3 options, I would like the template to change.

Unfortunately you need to create 3 separate workflow rules with each of the 3 templates and assign a conditional rule that fits for each:

    [Report Status] = "Sending"
    [SomeColumn] = "Check is Acceptable"