Workflow Condition

Hi, I’m trying to create a workflow that will change the status of my assets depending on which location I’m moving them to. I have three tables, Assets, Locations, and Asset Movement Log. The asset movement log is a simple [Which Asset] column and a [To what location] column. I have a good workflow that changes what Location the Asset is at based on this however I’m trying to make a workflow that changes depending on where I move it to. For example, when I move an Asset to a Location in the field I want the Asset status to be “Deployed” but when I move an Asset to a storage Location I want the Asset status to be “Available”. I have a Type column in the Locations table that says if they are in the field or storage. I would think that I’d set an ‘If this is true’ statement for the workflow like,
Lookup([To what location],Locations,Location key,Location Type)=“Field”
and then have a change data action that changes the Asset status to Deployed (This part works, it’s the condition of when to do it that I’m struggling with. And then I figure I would make a separate workflow that says the same thing but checks if the …Location Type)=“Storage”.
Right now my If condition for the workflow seems to be getting ignored.
Any advice here?

I made a solution by adding an un-shown virtual column to the Asset Movement Log that Looksup if the Location is Field or Storage and then have my workflow’s IF condition reference these.