Workflow Conundrum

Hi Community,

I’m struggling here with a request from the team.

Basically, they want an email notification if an order start date/time has exceeded one hour.

The way I have gone about it is:

  1. created a VC([Start duration]) with expression: now()-[start time]
  2. created a VC ([Start trigger]) with expression: if([Start duration]>“001:00:00”,“trigger”,"")
  3. added an action to update ([spreadsheet_column]) with text “trigger”
  4. added an action using Data: execute an action on a set of rows selecting columns with the VC ([Start trigger]) and executing the above action
  5. created a workflow to send the email notification where isnotblank([spreadsheet_column])

I thought that this would work but I’m not seeing any successful results.

Would there be anyone with any advice?


Workflows only run in response to some interaction from an app user. So what interaction will be happening where this 1-hour duration can be checked?

There could be a number of columns being updated throughout as the order itself has a few columns that the users are updating but they’ll only be updating these after I need the workflow to trigger if the duration has already exceeded the 1 hour.

I thought that this could be a tricky one, I’m thinking of setting up reports if the rows meet this condition instead if the workflow is a no go.

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You could do this by creating a number of Reports to run at 0900, 1000, 1100 etc. Sadly there isn’t a check hourly button.

The other thing to check is that you can’t have a workflow which triggers an action which triggers a workflow. Since this could cause a loop. When I asked about this problem on here it was suggested that rather than having a workflow triggering an action, saving the record triggered it.

Not sure if this will help :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks Simon,

I’ll test it or like you mention could create a ton of reports.

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Hi @Chris_Jeal

I only mention the loop (Workflow -> Action -> Workflow) issue because Appsheet won’t stop you creating this, or erroring. But the last Workflow will simply not trigger, which I think is the symptoms you have

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