Workflow > Deeplink > Linktoapp > on phone gets notification > click on notification > Want it to open the UniqueID

Behavior > Workflow > Deeplink > "LINKTOAPP(“myApp-App-12345”)
sends notification on phone and displays Title and body fine
when i click on it = loads the app but on default page & NOT to the Form of the work order

Now i have to rely on the memory skills of the uniqueId that was shown and now gone. and scroll through the work orders to find.

Want = to click on notification and it open the work order that was advertised as changed.

I have tried several approaches and end up on main page.

Notification setup

How do I get the notification link to open up the app and take me to the work order (uniqueID) so i can see just that work ordered that was changed.

I Want it to load this

But it loads this

I tried Row command
LINKTOROW(“PWEmp4-Martin-100024”, “Dept Assigned”)

and got this

what is the right format for the linktorow command?

New command i tried

Result is this

Any suggestions on how to get it to load the view that has all the details?

Rather than LINKTOAPP(), use LINKTOFORM() to link to a form to add a new row, or LINKTOROW() to link to a form to edit an existing row.

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I have tried the row formula and yet get the desired result i did update my post with pics for better understanding of problem


  1. Toggle the switch so it changes from the gray pencil to a blue flask. When the blue flask is displayed, the value is taken as an expression (which is what you want here). When the gray pencil is displayed, the value is taken as simple text.

    example_AppSheet (3)

  2. Enter an expression here that provides the key column value of the row you want displayed. Try [_THISROW].

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