WorkFlow Email Change

Is there any way to change the from email in a workflow. Right now it sends from I want to change that to be from another email address.

Yes you can change it from Workflow’s definition with options “From” and “Reply”. Though the email is still coming from

So there is no way to change the email from

I work with several companies that they will only accept emails from my specific email address on file. If I send it from a different email it will get rejected.

Please let me know if there is a way to completely remove and put in a new email address as the noreply will not work.

You don’t have the chance to remove provided you are using email workflows within AppSheet. The only way to remove it is using webhook scripting than the emails will be sent directly from your own account.

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Aleksi and Levent are correct.

See topic “From” in this article

It says:

From: Workflow email is always sent from the AppSheet email account

You cannot override this value because the anti-spam policies of email providers do not permit us to send mail and masquerade as different email originators.

If you must customize the From email address, consider sending email via a web based email provider that you invoke via a workflow web hook.