workflow email ques, does a condition need to...

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workflow email ques, does a condition need to be written? so i can change the email address for different people i need to send depending. what does the condition start with. i only have one form but on send email in workflow it can only go to one place. but i need a choice to change email addresses somewhere without going back into the back end all the time.

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You can obtain the target email addresses from a field in a record. Where are your email addresses stored and how do the select the email address you want to send to?

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some reason my post did not post

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oh i had problems posting so i thought its easier to do sentence by sentence! :joy:

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I understand, but it will be easier if you put your answer in a single reply and then you give me time to respond.

Can you please describe what you are trying to achieve in more detail?

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I am here to help. Can you please describe what you are trying to achieve in more detail?

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so i have one form that customers complete. once this done and they hit save then i need an email to be sent thru work flow.

BUT Workflow is fixed and i need it to be flexible.

so the only thing i can think of is to write a condition. but how do i make this condition?

the condition is: if it is in one country then the email needs to be sent there and if it originates from another country the same form needs to be sent to that country.

i only have one form okay so in the dropdown to select source its only that one form.

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unless i go crazy and make individual forms 100x!:neutral_face:

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so how do i write my condition? and i quess i need new tabs in my sheet :confused:

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When the customer completes the form, how do you determine which country to choose? If there a field in the form that indicates the country?

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currently no

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so i need to get them to select country and this is how i can pick this column as my condition right

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start again

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if so how do i write it?

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Is there exactly one target email address per country?

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Here is one way to do it.

  1. Add a new worksheet to you workbook. It will contain the list of email addresses for each country. Call the new worksheet “CountryEmail”. 2. In the “CountryEmail” worksheet, enter “Country” in the header of the first column. Enter “Email” in the header of the second column. 3. Enter country names and email addresses to fill in the new worksheet. 4. Open your app in the Editor and add the new “CountryEmail” worksheet as a table.

  2. On the Data > Columns pane open the new “CountryEmail” table and make sure the “Country” field is the key of the table. 6. Update your form to allow the user to enter a country name in a new field called “Country”. 7. In the Editor, open the table containing you form and make the new “Country” field a “Ref” to the “CountryEmail” table. When the user fills in the form, they will be asked to select one of the county names from your “CountryEmail” table. 8. In your workflow rule enter [Country].[Email] in the “To” property.This will take the value in the “Country” field of your form and use that value to find the appropriate row in the “CountryEmail” table. It will then use the value in the “Email” field of that row as the email address.

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