Workflow email question. I have setup a workf...

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #1

Workflow email question. I have setup a workflow for sending emails when a theres a ADD. When we have done a job the seller gets an e mail that the job is done. But i can have multiple workers at one job. And they all register their own time in the app. So with 4 workers registering their hours against a job it results in 4 adds. Wich again results 4 email to the seller regarding the same.

Is it possible to get the workflow system to only send the email if the for example, lets say, order number is’nt already registered in spreadsheet before? Some kind of lookup function tru/false maybe?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Can you describe more clearly the condition that should be true before the email is sent? for example, is there some way to tell whether all of the workers have registered their time?

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #3

No, theres no saying how many is working the same job. But lets say nr 1 of the 4 register his worktime against an order and that leads to an automated email to seller. Then the order nr is already registered in the spreadsheet. When the last 3 workers are going to register their time against the same order, can i get the workflow to check the spreadsheet and if it finds that order already registered NOT sending an automated email to the seller? Does that make sense?

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Omg. To think iv’e spent hours tweeking that exact formula! And i don’t even know now what i did wrong. But i think i was missing ROW. The expression is valid! Testing it in a bit :slight_smile: (I’m a total appsheet newbie ;))

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh And it is success!

(Philip Garrett) #6

@Linda_Marita_Lauritz Glad to know it worked!

(Michael) #7

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Would/Shouldn’t it be possible to use a similar expression to show/hide the ‘Add action’ of an inline view? I’m kinda highjacking Linda’s thread as this is semi related to something I am trying to do yet, not quite the same. - Trouble hiding an action I am attempting to show or hide a form’s ‘Add’ acti…

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(Michael) #8

@Linda_Marita_Lauritz How about counting rows of recorded time that match the seller’s job. If the count is greater than one, the workflow is not sent.


Hi Maybe you could add

another column that calculates when the job is finished and use that to trigger your email.

(Philip Garrett) #10


I am confused on one point. If you have multiple people working on the job and they each report hours against the job, is the email you send when the job ends supposed to reflect the total hours all of the workers?

If not, then Michael’s solution should work as should Lynn’s.

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #11

Thank you for all your answers! I will try Michaels suggestion. Phillip: No, the total hours is just something we use in the background. the email is just an info to the seller that a order/job is done :slight_smile: I think i can define now with a count to not send email when the order is already registered. I’ll come back for more tips if i cant get it to work :slight_smile: I love this community!

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #12

@Michael I cant get the count expression to work. Any tips in expression formula? I cannot get it to check the value in the column correctly i think. Tried several expressions for hours now. I have to count the row wich has the value (ordernumber). And then if the value is equal to or more than 1 the result should be not executing the workflow e mail.

(Philip Garrett) #13


Can you provide: 1. The table names involved. If think your workflow rule is triggered by an Add to one table. I am not sure if you are counting the matching records in that table or in some other table. Can you clarify that? 2. All column names that are involved 3. One or two of your attempted expressions. Often your expression will be close and just needs tweaking.

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #14


  1. Table name: Kinnarps Workflow -Yes, the rule is triggered by an add to the table. All data is in one table.

2.Column name: Ordrenr 3. I have tried som many i dont even remember them. But i want the rule to check if the “Ordrenr”, ordernumber in english, is registered in the table from before. If it is, dont execute the workflow rule of sending an email. If it isnt, then off course send the email. The column “Ordrenr” is a number column. I’ve tried different versions of count, with list, select and so on. I cant even com close to a valid expression it seems. Thank you for your help!

(Philip Garrett) #15



COUNT(SELECT(Kinnarps Workflow[Ordrenr], [Ordrenr] = [_THISROW].[Ordrenr])) < 2