Workflow Email Sender Name

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I just want to know how to change the name of the email Sender after deploying my App. I just changed my name on my Google Account in order that my users see my platform name instead of my personal Name.

After several test Appsheet still getting my Personal Names.

Any suggestionin how to change the Sender Name?

Thank you for your kind Help.


I don’t think that changing the name on google account will help. It will just show the account (email) owning the app.
What I did was create another account (with naming match something) on my domain which act as the owner of apps to be distributed to the users, this is the one who will be shown.



Did you do this after you had created an app? If so, did you use the Manage, AUTHOR, Transfer?

I need to use a different email that what I created my AppSheet account with. I have three apps in prototype stage that will have to use a different email before I can deploy them. How do you suggest making the change?

Yes, but I am using SharedDrive google, so there is no owner of any files within the app and transfer ownership of apps is easier for me.

For you case, maybe just share the app to the new email, copy the apps with make-copy-all-data-for-the-new-app ON, testing and deploy the apps with the new account.

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Heru thanks for your Answer. I see this a solution but my problem is i have a White label app. Do you know ir it affects the whole process.

Thanks for you time to answer



For a white label app, I believed can response to you better.

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