Workflow email stopped sending to some people


When triggered, the workflow email out of the blue stopped sending to SOME people and sent successfully to others. If is send older reports, all parties receive the email, but after about yesterday, only some receive the new reports in their email.

Any ideas on a fix for this?

@MTurner Have you investigated what the Audit history details are showing?


For reference:

There doesn’t appear to be any stand out issues there. It only started happening since yesterday, and I haven’t made any changes to the app from the backend. Could it be an email setting? Even when I forward the reports they don’t receive the email.

That’s clearly not an AppSheet issue, then. Have they checked their spam folders?

Yes I have. I’ve checked everywhere. Thats okay, I will try and solve it elsewhere considering its not an App sheet issue.

Thanks for the clarification on that one.

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