Workflow Email Template Body keeps needing to be replaced

I have a workflow where I’ve had to replace the email template twice now in a week. Is there something going on with the workflow email templates?

The client reports it when they see this of course vs. the nicely designed template:

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What do you mean by “needing to be replaced”? Is the template being deleted?

Yes. I have to re-add the template

AppSheet does not delete files, to my knowledge. I would suspect something else is doing it.

@Daisy_Ramirez , do you mean that the docId=xxxxxxxx string is removed from the editor setting for the email task? The doc itself is not deleted from Drive, but you have to re-add the docId string to the editor, correct?

This just happened to me as well. I was editing another area of the app and saved, then noticed the template value missing.

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Yes. The Google template is still available. The DocID keeps clearing from the field.

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