Workflow emails not sending

My workflow emails are not sending, the workflow action is being performed successfully but no emails are being sent. HELP!

Do you have any conditions??

Also can you post your template?

Yes, the condition is [Alert Level] = “Red”, so i want the workflow to send an email if this is true. in the audit history, it shows it was a success, so im not sure why it isnt sending an email.

by template, do you mean a screenshot of my workflow rule?

Take out the condition and see if it works, i think it has somthing to do with the condition.

Okay will try it now

Still not working

This never work, i tried it

Do i have to be on a paid plan ?

No. If you’re on a free plan the emails would go to the app creator’s email.
(edit: that’s actually when the app is not deployed)

Every time I had this issue, there was a problem in the template.

Try running the workflow without any template.

If that works, then the problem is in the template.


How’s it going?

I tried it without the template and it still not working

Please help