Workflow emails with row specific info

is it possible to embed row info into a work flow email?

This is what I’d like the body to read as:
[company] [product sku] has left the warehouse.

Hi @Dani_Mittler
You should be able to do that. Have you tried setting up a workflow or Report?

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I have it in workflow but it wont take the row data. I’m sure I’m missing a step

Could you post your workflow template and the result. Could you describe what you want the result to be.

Does this help. Sorry im still struggling with the different screens.

Hi , if you scroll down the page a bit to the templates. If you havent already click on the Create button and a doc template that you can edit willl be created.

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Also have you checked out


I don’t necessarily need all that info in the email

Hi Just delete any bits you dont need. And edit it how you would like it to read.
You can add formatting or move lines around.
Use the Test button to test it.


Exactly what i was trying to do! Thanks