Workflow Error: 'Failed: Path: 'Files', Message: 'Searching for 'Files', Cache entry not found'

Hello, I have a workflow setup to save a file and then attach it to the email. It normally works great but we received the following error today on one of the files - Can someone help us decipher the error description and possibly how to fix ongoing:

“Errors”: “Error: Workflow attachment file ‘Files/CollectionSummary_RS07242013071500053113.pdf’ not found in Table Folder for Table: ‘Routes’ [Shared], Provider: ‘google’, DataSource: ‘google’, Path: ‘DocId=1QxZ00bVgQ19LhXNyDv2V4L8GQm_g5YrOSi_4_PAZHrI’, UserId: -1, UserEmail: ‘’, ProbableCause: ‘Failed: Path: ‘Files’, Message: ‘Searching for ‘Files’, Cache entry not found’.’ Error: Workflow attachment file ‘Files/CollectionSummary_RS07242013071500053113.pdf’ not found in Application Definition Folder ‘/appsheet/data/USAgain-539632’, Provider: ‘google’, DataSource: ‘google’, Path: ‘Files/CollectionSummary_RS07242013071500053113.pdf’, UserId: 539632, UserEmail: ‘’, ProbableCause: ‘’”,

The file named CollectionSummary_RS07242013071500053113.pdf does not exist where expected.

The workflow has been running to the same directory for months - no changes. So it sounds like the workflow failed on the Save File function? What are some reasons for the Save File fails? Any changes we can put in place to prevent? Client is dependent on the files and want to provide some options.

Thanks Steve

You should confirm that the appsheet/data/USAgain-539632/Files directory structure exists in your Google Drive account. Also confirm your account has available storage space. Otherwise, I suggest you contact for further help.


Got it. Thanks Steve

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