Workflow Error Using Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row

I get the error below when a workflow rule is triggered, and don’t understand how to read it. Please help.

“$type”: “Nirvana.Data.WorkflowActionResultTakeAction, V2API”,
“AppWorkflowRuleName”: “Oversee: New Maintenance Form Submission”,
“ActionDefinition”: {
“$type”: “Jeenee.DataTypes.AppWorkflowRule+ActionDefinition, Jeenee.DataTypes”,
“Name”: “Action 2”,
“ActionType”: “TakeAction”,
“AppWorkflowAction”: {
“$type”: “Jeenee.DataTypes.AppWorkflowActionTakeAction, Jeenee.DataTypes”,
“ActionName”: “Oversee Maintenance: New Maintenance”
“AppErrors”: {
“$type”: “Jeenee.DataTypes.AppErrors, Jeenee.DataTypes”,
“RecordInfo”: false,
“RecordWarning”: true,
“AnnotateErrors”: false,

Please contact directly for help with this.